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We’ll admit it – government is complex.

Policy is shaped and administered by carefully balancing political, social and fiscal challenges across multiple levels of government and stakeholder interests, and at the same time, the entire system is in a constant state of change. Decision-makers and influencers are frequently on the move, triaging issues while priorities and mandates are restructured. The rhythm of change is never constant either; while some objectives take years to realize, others change the landscape overnight.

We understand this complexity and how to adapt to the changing tides better than anyone. Our team members have lived and breathed in these waters for more than 100 years of combined service and experience; we’ve run successful political campaigns representing all major political parties; and have a solid mix of political and civil service experience in all levels of government and roles.

Pathway Group helps our clients navigate this complex environment by providing deep analysis and building strategy that approaches problem-solving from multiple directions, rooted in the practice of Ethical Advocacy.

We’ll help to find your champion in government, and will anchor your issues in their priorities; We have a reputation for seeking solutions that mutually benefit both our clients and government. This is the foundation of our strategy.

We focus on:

  • Building long-term working relationships between our clients and government.
  • Enhancing our clients’ reputation with policy-makers and the public by positioning them as credible thought leaders on policy issues.
  • Educating key policy-makers on what matters to our clients.
  • Providing solutions to government rather than simply posing problems.
  • Anticipating positive and negative downstream reaction of issues relevant to our clients and government.

Click here to learn more about our Always Ethical Advocacy standards in our practice.

Our strategy includes:

  • Monitoring legislative affairs
  • Intelligence gathering related to your concerns
  • Public policy analysis and advice
  • Broad-based awareness campaigns
  • Grassroots advocacy
  • Preparing and assisting with government lobby days
  • Developing policy options
  • Conducting environmental scans within government regarding your interests
  • Government advocacy training
  • Ongoing government engagement and relationship building through regular meetings with key decision makers and attendance at appropriate events
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